Brown Eyes

They say I’m as sweet as chocolate, Not even the dark kind, But with caramel droplets That would make others blind. They think I’m as strong as coffee – Not as much as espresso… Maybe a latte kissing toffee? Still, I energize presto. Truth is, I’m as bitter As unsweetened cocoa. Or flowers that wither, … More Brown Eyes

Dreaming High

The light of your cigarette Glows like a burning star; The lawn is getting wet, Our minds dream high and far. My hair is a thousand birds Flying southward down my spine, And when you say those words Your lips taste like red wine.

One Poem

Only one small poem To make everything right; It’s not to show them Any burden is light, Rather a sudden wish To deny I’m foolish. I may lack the will To close a chapter, I linger on. Still. Describe you thereafter, Count words like moments, Imagine your comments. I may badly miss Your candid direct … More One Poem

Meta Poetry

I take reality and turn it into fantasy To get that dreamy boost and some fancy With a surge of heightened emotion Like an inspirational toxic potion


Those warm afternoons of amber sunlight: Skin glows, and my hair is set alight, Pages I’m reading – a little too bright, But that’s just a fairy, it’s alright! Sometimes I realize that this is a dream, I could close the book and then scream, Lose the caramel shine, the mild gleam… Since that’s just … More Fairytales


I still remember that first sunrise That you shot at me like a deadly glance. Oh, you are vanilla sweet and wise, I listen to your history and dance. Now you wait for me With your premature spring; I look up and see – Green is a good thing Because you smell of color green: … More HD

What if

What if you land on my shoulder Like a wind-blown petal On white linen or a towel, Leaving your shadow on my skin For a couple of seconds While the pollen would stay forever?   What if you land on my lips Like a cold raindrop On a humid summer day, Long enough to give … More What if

Their Eyes

When I look through their eyes, I see more than my usual tale, Uncover hidden fantasies and lies. Trying to fight back – I fail. Eat fear of truth like daily bread, Bury myself in a romantic world Where daydreams and fancy are fed With a fork and sometimes – a sword. Imagination is both … More Their Eyes