Paradise Or even Eden, Both Eldorado And the Holy Grail Are within a few words. Further If you talk To a butterfly That grows wings Over a world of its own. Fruit And Flowers Of lush gardens Are nothing against The land of imagination. Where Among dreams, Nightmares, fancies, It keeps dancing around While He … More Baby

Brown Eyes

They say I’m as sweet as chocolate, Not even the dark kind, But with caramel droplets That would make others blind. They think I’m as strong as coffee – Not as much as espresso… Maybe a latte kissing toffee? Still, I energize presto. Truth is, I’m as bitter As unsweetened cocoa. Or flowers that wither, … More Brown Eyes

Dreaming High

The light of your cigarette Glows like a burning star; The lawn is getting wet, Our minds dream high and far. My hair is a thousand birds Flying southward down my spine, And when you say those words Your lips taste like red wine.

One Poem

Only one small poem To make everything right; It’s not to show them Any burden is light, Rather a sudden wish To deny I’m foolish. I may lack the will To close a chapter, I linger on. Still. Describe you thereafter, Count words like moments, Imagine your comments. I may badly miss Your candid direct … More One Poem


Vējus manā sejā Tu izkausēji tējā; Un tajā saltā naktī Plaukstas viji taktī: Tikās lūpas salstošas, Zvaigznes kļuva gaistošas. Pie Tevis bija silti – Tavās acīs saules tilti.

Meta Poetry

I take reality and turn it into fantasy To get that dreamy boost and some fancy With a surge of heightened emotion Like an inspirational toxic potion


I still remember that first sunrise That you shot at me like a deadly glance. Oh, you are vanilla sweet and wise, I listen to your history and dance. Now you wait for me With your premature spring; I look up and see – Green is a good thing Because you smell of color green: … More HD