One Poem

Only one small poem To make everything right; It’s not to show them Any burden is light, Rather a sudden wish To deny I’m foolish. I may lack the will To close a chapter, I linger on. Still. Describe you thereafter, Count words like moments, Imagine your comments. I may badly miss Your candid direct … More One Poem


Vējus manā sejā Tu izkausēji tējā; Un tajā saltā naktī Plaukstas viji taktī: Tikās lūpas salstošas, Zvaigznes kļuva gaistošas. Pie Tevis bija silti – Tavās acīs saules tilti.

Two Berries

Cinnamon-warm hands, Poppy seeds sprinkled in your eyes, That lock of hair immersed in cocoa. I need a soft vanilla kiss That would turn into Freshly plucked melissa. And where is the heart of yours? It beats in a shell of a walnut, Drips tears of lemon sourness, Hurts in the bitterness of rowan, Until … More Two Berries

Realistic Magic

my humble dedication to G. G. M. The one who can make believe In magic of fluorescent sea, Lost lovers who never leave, Fortune-tellers who cannot see, Morbid ghost ships made of fear, A mixture of chocolate and blood Trickling down like a tear From enchanted petals of a bud, Is not just a child … More Realistic Magic


Thank God you are not here tonight, I’d lose my consciousness, my sight. If you came back at early dawn, I’d forget my rationale, my pride, They’d disappear like dew in lawn – Admittedly, that’s my other side. The sunrise might bring you back, my dear, Only a matter of time, I fear… 2011 – … More Absence


Emerging from blue sights of a lost one from afternoons of nightly touches from heart-warming lies Emerging from ghosts to hope for from the heat of the deleted from smiles tuned down Emerging from sweetness, real and artificial from joys, transitory and corrupting from the depths of a stranger

Meta Poetry

I take reality and turn it into fantasy To get that dreamy boost and some fancy With a surge of heightened emotion Like an inspirational toxic potion


Those warm afternoons of amber sunlight: Skin glows, and my hair is set alight, Pages I’m reading – a little too bright, But that’s just a fairy, it’s alright! Sometimes I realize that this is a dream, I could close the book and then scream, Lose the caramel shine, the mild gleam… Since that’s just … More Fairytales