Your song

I tried to play your song. Remembering took so long. Although the chords felt wrong, That is where I belong.   Recalled the melody of your voice and Transcribed your words into memories, and Picked the pattern of your thoughts, and Pulled at the strings of your heart, and Heard the riff of your breath, … More Your song

Spell Is Broken

Your dark gaze Breaks my fences. Entangles a maze Of wild senses.   Show me how you smile – Another spell on my mind – Then I’ll live for a while Though heartstruck and blind.   Every dream your stare induces Is documented on a page. Tension that your presence oozes Feels like lions in … More Spell Is Broken

Empty Moon

I saw him run under a full moon And scoop out my heart with a spoon. I’m running in a neverending loop Towards an entirely empty moon.

Jealous Girl

You put on glasses of jealousy – Carmine Venetian blinds of hot blood – And the truth cannot be seen. Reason flows away with the spring flood.   Stained glass covers your eyeballs In colors ridiculously artificial and blatantly saturated. The fault may be innocent and small, But pastels become neon, gaudy and exaggerated.   Your … More Jealous Girl


God plays with the sunbeams like golden coins And throws them one by one into your hair. Don’t know if my eyes are able to take pains And look at the sight, raw and bare…   Those fingers that stroke the piano Are the touches on my yearning skin. Our song in my fragile soprano … More Abel

The Cloud

There will be clouds of sugar and dreams, Sweet, airy cotton sheep, Those that give you shade and water, Those that save you from the sun. But only one of them will grow a rainbow, Only one of them will have the silver lining, Only one of them reflects the sunset In colors you could … More The Cloud

Berlin – Heidelberg

Manas acis neslēpjas, Tās manās domās kavējas. Manas acis nemelo, Tās vēlas asaras skalo.   Manas acis neaizmirst, Tās no sirds dzīlēm nirst. Manas acis neaizmieg, Tās zem tavējām skatienu liek.   (13.04.2013.)